2018 Deeper With the spirit

   Iowa Yearly Meeting gathered together for Open worship in February of 2018. We began to look at ways to go deeper with the spirit of God. There will be several workshops throughout the year to allow participants to go deeper with the Spirit of God. We are using the book entitled Deeper With The Spirit. The book can be purchased by emailing efcoutreach@gmail.com. A list of workshops,times and locations can be found on the Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends website. You can find a link to that page on our links page. 


In March 2017 we gathered at LeGrand Friends Meeting for an old fashioned revival!  We all left feeling as though we wanted more!

   On September 16th, 2017   Iowa Yearly Meeting will gather once again for another Revival Meeting, and this will be roughly un-programmed and focused on communing and listening to the Holy Spirit whisperings of God's will. Location will be determined at a later date but we will begin at approximately 10 am.  Please come with an open heart, and be prepared to center down and discover the Lord.